Reader Question: Best jeans under $100?


I don’t think this is shocking news to anyone, but I stand by Levi’s.

Their 510/511 fit is the best universal fit of any jean.  Meaning that companies this size have to tailor their fit to a wide range of people, and they do the best job.  I just find most other companies are a bit more of a straight fit rather than a skinny.

Which also seems to be a misconception here in the U.S.  Most people aren’t used to a true skinny fit, so they stick with that straight leg being ‘skinny’.  But I talk to some people from London and Paris who say that hardly any companies here actually have pants that even touch your calf or thigh.

You will find a supreme fit the more you spend, for example the A.P.C. New Cure or Petit Fit.  Which I suggest doing.  Once you find that pair of jeans that fit well, I bet that’s the only pair you will need/wear.

Personally, I have a pair of Matchstick Levi’s that I had tapered in to a little under 7 inches at the leg opening.

You should definitely get out and try any pairs on that you think would fit best.  

Hope this helps!

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  6. brkthru said: I’d mention that on us bigger dudes, 510’s will not look too hot on you, and 511’s will be only so much better. 514’s seem baggier than one would like, but they turn out alright.
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